Korea Possible is 2022 World Cup venue change

Lee Jung-won Intern Reporter] After the capture of previous European Football Federation President Michel Platini, the debasement of the Qatar World Cup scene rose to the surface. It is likewise revealed that FIFA is thinking about an adjustment in the setting. 

FIFA seems to have had a mystery meeting over a difference in setting, as indicated by Spanish day by day. "It's everything up to FIFA President Infantino, yet quite possibly's the setting will change three years in front of the World Cup." The explanation behind the talk of the scene change is because of the critical capture of the previous Platinum UEFA president. 

Platini was captured and examined by the French police on the eighteenth. As indicated by nearby media, Qatar was liable for being chosen as the scene for the 2022 World Cup and was accused of unlawful intercession. Platini was grilled by the French police and discharged without charge. 

The Qatar World Cup will be held without precedent for winter. Because of the sweltering neighbourhood atmosphere, it was planned to occur from November 21 to December 18, 2022. As opposed to that held in June-July. Qatar said it would keep the World Cup in the mid-year with cooling in the decisions for the World Cup. However, the European classes whined and disappointed with the planned winter. 

On the off chance that the scene is changed, the nation ought to get ready for the World Cup inside three years. This is a genuine deficiency for a country without a football framework. Thus, netizens, for example, the UK and China, which have soccer foundations, are offering their supposition. 

We additionally need to perceive what sort of decision Korea will make, which is the third-biggest decision in favour of the 2022 World Cup. South Korea presented the 2022 World Cup to FIFA in 2010. Around then, Korea had three thrashings with Qatar and the United States over Japan and Australia. Be that as it may, he was taken out by Qatar and the United States, who won just five votes in the third round of elections and 11 and six votes. 

On the off chance that the World Cup settings that are at present superficially are chosen arranged by offer votes, the United States, which positions second in the offer votes, is correct. Be that as it may, the United States has just been decided to have the 2026 World Cup with Canada and Mexico. That is the reason numerous individuals are stating, "Isn't Korea expected to have the World Cup, which won the third spot in the 2022 World Cup offer?"
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